Videoart Vs Experimental Film definition

INTRO TO Videoart

Video | Installation 

Magnetic recording – H2G2  
Ellen Mueller VideoArt in the 90’s

Nam June Paik (robot dreams) | “Play it again Nam” Jean Paul FargierWolf Vostel l, Andy Warhol , Jim Campbell , Bill Viola #2 , David Hall , Michel Jaffrenou #2Pippilotti Rist , Richard Serra , Woody Vasulka , Jenny Holzer / WebsiteBruce Nauman , Ryan Trecartin , Gary Hill , Peter Campus , David Wojnarowicz , Brian Eno #2 / Thursday AfternoonJODI | OSXLev Manovich , Shirin Neshat – Turbulent , Marco Brambilla , Eve Ramboz Le Jardin des Délices | #2, Bériou: EX Memoriam, Mariko Mori Works Oneness Winter Solstice, Zoe Leonard I want a President

Experimental Music Videos

The Residents (Die Antwoord #2 #3 ), Chris Cunnigham / Come to Daddy | Rubber Johnny | Sheena is a Parasite |
Bjork – All is full of love,

Michel Gondry
I’m in love with a girl – White Stripes
Around the World – Daft Punk
Star Guitar – Chemical Brothers

Video Killed the Radio Star – The Bugles
I want my MTV – Dire Straits
Rapture – Blondie
Sweet Dreams are Made of This – Eurythmics
Take on Me – AHA
Sledge Hammer – Peter Gabriel
Rock Lobster – B52s
True Faith – New Order (Philippe Decoufflé)
Burning Down the House – Talking Heads
My House – Hercules and Love Affair
C’est Comme Ça – Les Rita Mitsouko
Rockit – Herbie Hancock
Sehnsucht – Einstürzende Neubauten
Karmakoma – Massive Attack
Pure Morning – Placebo
Revolution Action – Atari Teenage Riots
Language is a Virus – Laurie Anderson
Tight Pants – Leslie Hall
No Pants Policy – Leslie Hall
How we go out – Leslie Hall
Baptism – Crystal Castles
1982 – Miss Kittin and the Hacker
Dove – Pillar Point

Andrew Huang

House of Cards – Radiohead
Mutual Core – Bjork
La Hora de Volver – Rita Indiana
À tout jamais – Mylène Farmer

Doll Face – Andrew Huang
Solipsist – Andrew Huang

Pirating: Emergency Broadcast Network
• We will rock you HelloOde to the Brain
• Pascal Lievre – ObamaGaga

• Copyright free films / Copyright free music

• 50 great (North American and euro-centric) video arts online

• A brief history of Music Videos
• 33 weirdest music videos
• Google Chrome: Cube Music Video (interactive)

Bookanima: Korean Dance – Shon Kim
Storms – Joao Pedro Oliveira
El Bosque Hechizado – Isabel Pérez del Pulgar
The Stream – Hiroya Sakurai
Field of Infinity – Guli Silberstein
Shrine v2.4.5 – Semiosphera
Alzaia(S) – Francesca Leoni + Davide Mastrangelo
Shamans – Santiago Echeverry, music by Antenor Ferreira
Scrolling Landscape in 34 NES Games #1 – Eddie Lohmeyer
Collage22 – Luis Carlos Rodríguez


Based on your personal research of the history of Videoart, create a 1 minute (exactly 60seconds including credits [5 secs of credits max!]) based on the concept or word you will be given in class. Upload your HD/4K videos to your FMX 463 personal DropBox folder. You can share them on social media AFTER the premiere in class.