Non linear narration, storytelling, spatial decomposition of a story, fragmented narration, storyboarding, spatial editing using digital video tools. Video recycling and upcycling. Adobe Premiere + After Effects. Importance of a fixed grid (AVOID changing grids = nightmare!)

TOP 10 Virtual Choirs of the Pandemic


Create a fragmented/non-linear narration – maximum 3 minutes long -where you will tell a story fragmenting it into at least 9 identically sized quadrants (proportionally sized to fit a 1920X1080 frame). Use Adobe Premiere or After Effects to create each quadrant. Export as MP4 / 1920×1080 progressive video. Use a unifying sound to glue the pieces together. You can increase the amount of quadrants if needed, but make sure you DO NOT BREAK the original grid you started with. This is extremely important. Upload your videos to your FMX463 individual folders.